BMS 625 - Genetics

Course Overview

As this is a foundations course for the GSBSE Ph.D. program, students may have a broad range of background experience and training in molecular biology and/or genetics – from very little to advanced. The goal of this course is to provide a common foundation for students in the major principles of molecular genetics from which students can base more advanced studies.

It is expected that by the end of this course you will understand the major principles of molecular genetics and the underlying processes by which cells and organisms replicate, repair, read, and translate their genetic codes. You should achieve an advanced understanding of these topics that will allow you to read the primary research literature, understand the biological processes examined, and interpret the results in the larger context of molecular genetics.

This class is offered in the Fall.

Topics Covered

  • Mendelian inheritance, DNA as
    genetic material & classic molecular
    biology techniques
  • Genome structure, chromatin & the
    nucleosome, DNA replication
  • DNA mutation & repair, homologous
  • Transcription & RNA splicing
  • Translation, the genetic code
  • Prokaryotic transcriptional regulation
  • Eukaryotic transcriptional regulation
  • Regulatory RNAs
  • Gene regulation in development &
  • Site-specific recombination and
  • Systems biology, model organisms and
    genetic disease


Ambreen Sayed