Research Overview

The strength of the GSBSE program is the breadth of research that it encompasses. Students are encouraged to develop research projects involving studies in membrane biology, infectious disease and inflammation, muscle development, mathematical modeling, bioinformatics, cell signaling, cancer biology, toxicology, neurobiology and behavior.  Projects include in vitro and in vivo mouse models to study vascular development and the vascular response to injury, genetic and molecular basis of skeletal malformations, changes in the cellular composition of bone, stem cell biology, molecular mechanisms of red blood cell development, and cell signaling pathways that are disrupted during cancer progression and metastasis. GSBSE students conduct research that is vital to finding the causes and treatments for some of the world’s most intractable diseases and brings us closer to a complete understanding of the biological bases of cancer, diabetes, obesity, muscular dystrophy and many other genetic diseases and conditions.