Matthew Lynes


  • Colby College, 2005, BA
  • Boston University, 2012, PhD

Brief Biography

I am a Faculty Scientist at MaineHealth Institute for Research, and my research is dedicated to understanding how organisms regulate systemic energy balance and to identify the molecules secreted from metabolic tissues that control functions in different cells, tissues and organs. I have a broad background in systems physiology, with specific training in brown adipose tissue biology and lipokine signaling. As the PI on a K01 Research Scientist Development Award, research that I led and contributed to has laid the groundwork for the proposed research by identifying 12,13-diHOME as a robust biomarker for brown adipose tissue activation in humans and mice, allowing the myriad discoveries that have been made and are possible in preclinical models to be translated and applied to humans. During 2021, I moved and started my laboratory at the MaineHealth Institute for Research, and I am currently working to study the developmental origin of brown adipose tissue in mice.

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Research Areas

  • Cardiovascular
  • Metabolism
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology