BMS 625 - Animal Physiology

Class Instructor

Course Overview

This course is the fourth and last half-semester module in the GSBSE BMS 625: Foundations sequence.

This course is a graduate-level introduction to Animal Physiology, with a special emphasis on building skills and knowledge relevant for a successful graduate and professional career. Students will take part in preparing and presenting content curriculum around a specific physiological system with relevance to their own ongoing or future research. A significant portion of the grade comes from class participation, including in critical thinking and analytical exercises as well as article discussions.

Special topics and scientific themes in the study of physiology will be presented in order to help students gain the skills and abilities needed to confront any physiological topic in the future.

This class is offered in the Fall.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to vet and acquire reputable scientific resources in physiology that span textbooks, review and primary research articles in peer-reviewed journals, and lay science articles.
  • Think critically about experiments, data, and what knowledge is missing and can be pursued by research in fields of physiological research
  • Present curriculum to peers in order to present an up-to-date view of a topic in physiology; spur discussion; create opportunities for analytical thinking.
  • Build pedagogical skills relevant for a future career
  • Understand the basics of several physiological systems, including: Metabolic, Immune, Nervous, Endocrine/Circulatory
  • Appreciate the scientific themes that underlie physiological systems
  • Gain skills and knowledge relevant for a successful graduate and professional career in the biomedical sciences; including team work