Zaid Al Abbasi


  • University of Tikrit, Iraq, 2014, M.S. Biochemistry

Brief Biography

As an undergraduate student, I gained the research skills to collect and analyze experimental data by developing an economically low-priced, accurate, and fast lab test of chloramphenicol levels. The analytical framework and organizational skills I gained are notable qualities that possessed me to continue to apply to further research. Furthermore, earning an advanced degree in Biochemistry also empowered me to engage in other related fields, particularly Biomedical Sciences. Using my intense passion for science, I have worked for several years, simultaneously teaching college-level courses at universities, community colleges, and working in an epigenetics laboratory. My master’s thesis was entitled “Biochemical study for Sepiaptrein reductase, Adiponectin, and other parameters in thyroid dysfunction.” Importantly, I have learned how to be methodical: how to break apart a scientific puzzle into its basic segments to then gathering these findings in a way that identifies the complete picture of the question to be solved. I thank the GSBSE’s faculty and students for formulating the foundation I need to achieve my academic research goals.