Zachary Applebee


  • BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Maine


Behavioral/Cognitive Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Drug delivery systems, Exosomes and other Nanoparticles

Brief Biography

Zach graduated with a chemical engineering degree from the University of Maine in 2019. During his undergraduate studies, he wrote an Honors thesis based on four years of research working to optimize the extraction of polysaccharides from seaweed. In 2020, Zach began to do research for Dr. Tao Zhang at Husson University. Over the past year and a half, under his direction, he has cultured several mammary epithelial cell lines and used the cells to estimate in vitro drug permeability between blood plasma and human breast milk. More recently he has been exploring using different culture conditions for the cells to analyze the expression of genetic markers of lactation. This summer Zach will be working with Dr. Yanyan Li at UMaine to study nanoapplication of broccoli sprout exosomes in mice. He enjoys writing and reading fiction in his spare time and he is in the early stages of writing his own novel.