Sophie Craig


  • Fordham University, 2018, Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, Minor in Bioinformatics

Brief Biography

Sophie is a Ph.D. student in the Maginnis Laboratory at the University of Maine. She studies the internalization of JC polyomavirus, which infects the majority of the human population and causes the fatal demyelinating disease progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in the brain of immunosuppressed and immunodeficient individuals. She discovered her passion for molecular biology and virology during her time in the Meneses Laboratory at Fordham, where she completed her Honors Senior Thesis on the intracellular trafficking of human papillomavirus. She is interested in using primary and immortalized cell models to study viral entry and trafficking, and to characterize infection using bioinformatics.


  • Wilczek, M. P., Pike, A. M. C., Craig, S. E., Maginnis, M. S., & King, B. L. (2022). Rearrangement in the Hypervariable Region of JC Polyomavirus Genomes Isolated from Patient Samples and Impact on Transcription Factor-Binding Sites and Disease Outcomes. International journal of molecular sciences, 23(10), 5699.