Remi Geohegan


  • College of the Atlantic, 2015, Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology
  • University of Maine, 2022, Bachelor of Science in Microbiology


Bioinformatics/Computational Biology, Cancer, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neuroscience

Brief Biography

Remi is a PhD student working on a co-PI project in the Angeli and Kelley labs at University of Maine Orono. She studies the mechanisms of nuclear transport and its role in the promotion of age-related disease using C. elegans and yeast models. Remi discovered her passion for research and science communication during her undergraduate studies which she completed in the Maginnis Laboratory studying JC Polyomavirus and time spent as an teaching assistant for Phage Genomics. Remi is interested in how disruptions in nuclear transport may promote a host of age related diseases such as Fronto-Temporal Demetia, Alzheimer’s disease and ALS.


  • Wilczek MP, Armstrong FJ, Geohegan RP, Mayberry CL, DuShane JK, King BL, & Maginnis MS. (2021). The MAPK/ERK pathway and the role of DUSP1 in JCPyV infection of primary astrocytes. Viruses, 13(9), 1834. 834