Phillip West


  • Yale University, 2011, Ph.D.

Brief Biography 

Dr. A. Phillip West received his PhD in Immunobiology from Yale University in 2011. He then performed postdoctoral training at Yale School of Medicine before starting his own laboratory at Texas A&M School of Medicine. In 2023, he relocated to The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor.

Research in the West Lab focuses on mitochondria, cellular organelles integral to many processes including energy generation and metabolism. More recently, mitochondria have emerged as central hubs in the mammalian immune system, orchestrating signal transduction cascades and metabolic switches necessary for the activation and survival of immune cells. Mitochondria are also important sources of damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs), which can trigger inflammatory responses when released from the organelle. Given their pleiotropic roles, mitochondrial dysfunction is increasingly implicated as a cause or accelerant of numerous human diseases. Ongoing research in the West Lab is focused on understanding how mitochondria-immune system interactions shape disease-promoting metabolic and immune rewiring in pre-clinical models of mitochondrial disease, heart failure, neurological disorders, and cancer.

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