Marissa McGilvrey


  • Northern Arizona University, 2013, BS in Biomedical Science


Being born and raised in Arizona, I developed a deep appreciation and interest in the resiliency of nature and evolutionary conserved behaviors/mechanisms. My undergraduate research was in Flagstaff at Northern Arizona University under Dr.s Apichai Tuanyok and Paul Keim at the Center of Microbial Genetics and Genomics where I studied a BSL3 select agent, Burkholderia pseudomallei which causes the disease, Melioidosis, in humans. My work focused on characterizing the genetic and virulence diversity of this soil-dwelling pathogen. Findings from work on GroEL protein analysis has elicited further investigation to improve diagnostic tools for this bacterial infection.

For four years I worked as a Research Associate at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in the Collaborative Center for Translational Mass Spectrometry in Phoenix, AZ, under Dr.s Patrick Pirrotte and Khyatiben Pathak. My work there focused on the use of LC/MS-MS in biomarker discovery and validation by optimizing/performing digestions and extractions on numerous types of biological samples to aid in new metabolomics and proteomics analyses. These scientific approaches were integrated to identify molecular signatures to create more sensitive prognostic tools for early detection. Collaborative projects that I assisted were in topics ranging from hospital-acquired infections, circulating tumor DNA, traumatic brain injuries to pesticide exposure and organ transplant rejection.

GSBSE Rotations

Dr. Dorothy Klimis-Zacas Lab, utilized Sprague-Dawley rat model to study cutaneous wound healing effects of wild blueberry extracts as preclinical proof of concept for commercial product development.
Dr. Caitlin Howell Lab, utilized traditional wood pulp and cellulose nanofibril material to study how modifiable surface texture and hydration of dried films create anti-fouling conditions for use a botanical wound dressing.
Dr. Lucy Liaw Lab, utilized murine adipocyte progenitor cell lines derived from C57BL/6J PVAT to study how wild blueberry extract affect adipose expansion mechanisms.

For my thesis project I have chosen to study the effects of dietary methionine restriction on PVAT phenotype and mitochondrial bioenergetics within the Liaw Lab.

Selected Publications

  • Marissa McGilvrey, Bethany Fortier, Benjamin Tero, Diana Cooke, Emily Cooper, Jeffrey Walker, Robert Koza, Gene Ables, Lucy Liaw. Effects of dietary methionine restriction on age‐related changes in perivascular and beiging adipose tissues in the mouse. Obesity (Silver Spring) December 13, 2022. 31(1) 159-170.
  • Rachel M Lucia, Wei-Lin Huang, Khyatiben V Pathak, Marissa McGilvrey, Victoria David-Dirgo, Andrea Alvarez, Deborah Goodman, Irene Masunaka, Andrew O Odegaard, Argyrios Ziogas, Patrick Pirrotte, Trina M Norden-Krichmar, Hannah Lui Park. Association of glyphosate exposure with blood DNA methylation in a cross-sectional study of postmenopausal women. Environmental Health Perspectives. April 4, 2022. 130(4) 047001.
  • Khyatiben V. Pathak, Marissa I. McGilvrey, Charles K. Hu, Krystine Garcia-Mansfield, Karen Lewandoski, Zahra Eftekhari, Yate-Ching Yuan, Frederic Zenhausern, Emmanuel Menashi & Patrick Pirrotte. Molecular Profiling of Innate Immune Response Mechanisms in Ventilator-associated Pneumonia. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. July 24, 2020, 19 (10) 1688-1705.
  • Maha Saber, Khyatiben V. Pathak, Marissa I. McGilvrey, Krystine Garcia-Mansfield, Jordan L. Harrison, Rachel K. Rowe, Jonathan Lifshitz & Patrick Pirrotte. Proteomic analysis identifies plasma correlates of remote ischemic conditioning in the context of experimental traumatic brain injury. Scientific Reports. July 31, 2020, 10, 12989.
  • Sandhya Bansal, Marissa McGilvrey, Krystine Garcia-Mansfield, Ritin Sharma, Ross M. Bremner, Michael A. Smith, Ramsey Hachem, Patrick Pirrotte & Thalachallour Mohanakumar. Global Proteomics Analysis of Circulating Extracellular Vesicles Isolated from Lung Transplant Recipients. ACS Omega. June 12, 2020, 5, 24, 14360-14369.
  • Natalie VandenAkker, Stefano Vendrame, Panagiotis Tsakiroglou, Marissa McGilvrey & Dorothy Klimis-Zacas. Whole Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus)-Enriched Diet Is Hepatoprotective in the Obese Zucker Rat, a Model of the Metabolic Syndrome. J Med Food. Aug 2021, 24(8):817-824.
  • Havell Markus, Jun Zhao, Tania Contente-Cuomo, Michelle D Stephens, Elizabeth Raupach, Ahuva Odenheimer-Bergman, Sydney Connor, Bradon McDonald, Bethine Moore, Elizabeth Hutchins, Marissa McGilvrey, Michelina de la Maza, Kendall Van Keuren-Jensen, Patrick Pirrotte, Ajay Goel, Carlos Becerra, Daniel Von Hoff, Scott Celinski, Poojay Hingorani & Muhammed Murtaza. Analysis of recurrently protected genomic regions in cell-free DNA found in urine. Sci Transl Med. Feb 17, 2021, 13(581):eaaz3088.

Dissertation Mentor

Lucy Liaw