Lola Holcomb


  • Ursinus College, 2021, B.S. in Health and Exercise Physiology

Brief Biography

I grew up and attended college in the Philadelphia area. As a longtime endurance athlete, I found myself drawn to exercise physiology early in my undergraduate career at Ursinus College, and that quickly became my first research interest. However, the more science I did, the broader my research interests became. Come time for graduate school, I struggled to find a research niche wherein I felt truly passionate; I felt interested in so many different avenues of science that it seemed nearly impossible to pick just one to pursue during my doctoral studies. That indecisiveness led me to bioinformatics — a field in which I could use code and big data to study pretty much anything I could think of, and thus, satisfy many of my research interests. Currently, under the mentorship of Dr. Sue Ishaq, I am using bioinformatics as a lens for studying how differences in microbial ecology and nutritional biochemistry contribute to health and disease morbidity, health disparities, environmental issues, and social inequities. I was also recently awarded a One Health and the Environment NRT Fellowship here at UMaine, and which I will be using to advance my studies of microbes, health, and social equity.


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