Kehinde Rukayyat Adeniran


  • University of Ibadan, Nigeria; 2019; Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Brief Biography

I am from Ondo state, Nigeria and I reside in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria. Currently, I work as a research intern at the Center for Genomics Research and Innovation, National Biotechnology Development Agency. My current research interests are in integrating genomics big data via a systems biology approach to understanding the mechanism behind disease susceptibility, onset, and progression (in genetic diseases such as cancer and also mendelian diseases). I believe taking a more holistic approach to studying a diseased state will provide a deep understanding of the complexity of the disease from which more targeted and precise treatment might be inferred. I’m also quite curious about how the human microbiome influences the progression of diseases and how it can be modified to serve as a therapeutic tool. After completing my graduate studies, I plan to take on a post-doctoral position in a precision medicine lab. I believe this experience will further solidify my knowledge of this rapidly evolving field.
Fun Fact: I am a twin. My favorite types of movies to watch when I have free time are animated ones and musicals. As a dedicated admirer of lovely clothing, I also sew. I also adore cooking and experimenting with new foods and cuisines.


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