Gary Churchill

Research Interests

Statistical Genetics

Genetics of Complex Traits

Understanding the genetic determination of complex, disease-related traits is a long-standing focus of research in our laboratory. This year we have published a proposal for the development of a novel genetic resource—the collaborative cross—that will provide new approaches to the analysis of complex systems. We have continued to apply the methods of complex trait analysis to phenotypes related to osteoporosis, hypertension, heart disease, anemia, and depression. We have developed novel experimental designs to improve the efficiency of mapping gene expression traits assayed using microarray technology.

Gene Expression Microarrays

ANOVA methods for microarrays were first proposed by our group in 2000 and have now gained wide acceptance within the microarray user community. This year presented an opportunity to write a review article summarizing our achievements in this area over the past five years. We have also carried out and published a comparative analysis of different microarray platforms in order to investigate the accuracy and precision of these technologies.

Selected Publications

  • Palliyaguru DL, Shiroma EJ, Nam JK, Duregon E, Vieira Ligo Teixeira C, Price NL, Bernier M, Camandola S, Vaughan KL, Colman RJ, Deighan A, Korstanje R, Peters LL, Dickinson SL, Ejima K, Simonsick EM, Launer LJ, Chia CW, Egan J, Allison DB, Churchill GA, Anderson RM, Ferrucci L, Mattison JA, de Cabo R. Fasting blood glucose as a predictor of mortality: Lost in translation. Cell Metab. 2021 Nov 2;33(11):2189-2200.e3. doi: 10.1016/j.cmet.2021.08.013.
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