Eraj Khokhar


  • Biology, LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan, 2013
  • PhD in Biomedical Science, University of Maine GSBSE


I became interested in life sciences research in my undergraduate program after I learnt about the amazing complexities for biological processes. GSBSE gave me the opportunity to pursue this interest and during my time in this program I have learnt a lot scientifically and academically.

Research Interests

The long term goal of my research is to prolong healthspan of the hematopoietic system. Decline in function of hematopoietic system leads to a variety of disorders in the elderly population. With the expected increase of population of people aged 65 and older, it is imperative to develop novel therapeutic strategies to ameliorate aging associated hematopoietic decline. My work focuses on investigating the causative factors of this decline in context of gene regulation and epigenetic mechanisms.

Selected Publications

  • Andralojc, K., Campbell, A., Kelly, A., Terrey, M., Tanner, P., Gans, I., et al. (2017). ELLI-1, a novel germline protein, modulates RNAi activity and P-granule accumulation in Caenorhabitis elegans. PLOS genetics , 13 (2), 1-20.

Dissertation Mentor

Eraj Khokhar