Emma Yvanovich


  • Roger Williams University, 2022, Bachelor of Science
  • Roger Williams University, 2022, Bachelor of Arts

Brief Biography 

Emma grew up in rural Massachusetts before receiving a BS in Biology and a BA in Psychology from Roger Williams University, graduating with honors in 2022. The following two years after graduation, she worked as a research technician in the Sykes Lab at the Center for Regenerative Medicine at MGH. In this role, she conducted hematopoietic research for the On Demand Blood project in collaboration with the Department of Defense. Emma is interested in continuing her work with stem cell biology and translational medicine at the University of Maine, and hopes to prepare herself for a career in academic research and training emerging scientists. She is incredibly passionate about bridging science with the community and communicating with those affected by the diseases she studies. In her free time, Emma enjoys cooking, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.


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