Danielle Harmer


  • B.S., Bangor University, Wales, UK
  • M.S. Medical Biology, Bangor university, Wales, UK, 2017


I am from Chelmsford, a city in Essex, England on the outskirts of London. I went to Bangor University in Wales, about 300 miles away from home, where I studied medical biology and primarily cancer biology funded by the north west cancer research centre. I hope to further my knowledge and skill in this PhD programme and gain a more informed viewpoint for a career in science communication and advocacy. I have currently been living in the United States for about a year and am loving every moment.

Research Interests

During my time at Bangor University I participated in two research projects, one investigating the relationship between autoimmune diseases and breast cancer and the other studied how DNA repair mechanisms may affect chemotherapy resistance.

I am currently undergoing rotations, with my first two rotations occurring at the Jackson laboratory and the last at MMCRI. In all three I am going to be studying the microenvironment of cancer and/or wound healing and the effects they play in regeneration, metastasis and/or recurrence.

I am interested in a career outside the standard academic route and hope to get involved in communication, teaching and advocation of science to the masses.

Rotation Mentor (Fall 2017)

Guangwen “Gary” Ren