Cory Johnson


  • B.S. Biology, University of Maine, 2018


Before entering a career in science I was a professional ski instructor in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and have been a registered Maine Sea Kayak guide for the last 8 years. After living in the mountains, I moved back to my home state (Maine) to pursue a degree in biology at the University of Maine with an interest in studying neuroscience. During my undergraduate career, I was given an opportunity to join the laboratory of Dr. Kristy Townsend, who studies the neurobiology of energy balance, and have been enthralled ever since. I hope to continue in neurobiology research with the goal to investigate and discover novel mechanisms that have a potential to provide a better understanding of science as a whole and ultimately contribute to the development of medicine.

Dissertation Projects

I study the neurobiology of adipose tissue in the laboratory of Prof. Kristy Townsend. My current project is focused on investigating the roles of dietary derived lipid signaling molecules in mediating brain-adipose communication and energy balance, through the activation of sensory nerves in the tissue. This includes their potential roles in both pathophysiological conditions such as obesity and diabetes and their potential to ameliorate these conditions. I am also investigating the effect of adipose tissue fibrosis on peripheral nerve regulation of metabolic processes.

Selected Publications

  • Miller, J. L., Blaszkiewicz, M., Beaton, C., Johnson, C. P., Waible II, S., Dubois, A. L., … & Townsend, K. L. (2019). A peroxidized omega-3-enriched polyunsaturated diet leads to adipose and metabolic dysfunction. The Journal of nutritional biochemistry, 64, 50-60.
  • Blaszkiewicz, M., Willows, J. W., Johnson, C. P., & Townsend, K. L. (2019). The Importance of Peripheral Nerves in Adipose Tissue for the Regulation of Energy Balance. Biology, 8(1), 10.
  • Blaszkiewicz, M., Willows, J. W., Dubois, A. L., Waible, S., Johnson, C. P., DiBello, K., … & Harrison, B. (2018). Neuropathy and neural plasticity in the subcutaneous white adipose depot. bioRxiv, 480095.

Dissertation Mentor

Kristy Townsend