Chenhao Yang


  • B.S. Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, 2014,
  • MRes Biosciences: Biology of Ageing and Age-Related Disease, University College London, 2015


I developed my research interests during my undergraduate and master years. When I was an undergraduate student, I took an internship opportunity to get to learn about aging research in the lab of Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães at the University of Liverpool. My internship included building a longevity network with Cytoscape and using a Gompertz model to assess whether different genetic manipulations, such as RNAi treatments, could affect aging. I learned from these projects that many genes are involved in longevity and aging and they are conserved both in model organisms and in humans. Later during my master’s studies at University College London, I undertook another aging research project with Prof. David Gems, and studied the age-related pharyngeal pathologies in the C. elegans model.

Research Interests

During my first year, I studied innate immunity in Dr. Carol Kim and Dr King’s lab. I investigated how arsenic exposure and Cftr gene knockdown influence innate immune system in zebrafish model by using bacterial burden assays and RNA-seq.

Selected Publications

  • de Magalhães JP, Thompson L, de Lima I, Gaskill D, Li X, Thornton D, Yang C, Palmer D (2018) “A reassessment of genes modulating aging in mice using demographic measurements of the rate of aging.” Genetics 208:1617-1630
  • Y. Zhao, A.F. Gilliat, M. Ziehm, M. Turmaine, H. Wang, M. Ezcurra, C. Yang, G. Phillips, D. McBay, W.B. Zhang, L. Partridge, Z. Pincus, D. Gems. ‘Two forms of death in ageing Caenorhabditis elegans.’ Nature Communications (2017) 8: 15458
  • M. Fernandes, C. Wan, R. Tacutu, D. Barardo, A. Rajput, J. Wang, H. Thoppil, C. Yang, A. A. Freitas, J. P. de Magalhães.(2016). Systematic analysis of the gerontome reveals links between aging and age-related diseases. Human Molecular Genetics. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddw307

Dissertation Mentor

Lucy Liaw