Ahmed Almaghasilah


  • B.S in Electrical Engineering with math minor – UMaine 2016

Brief Biography

I am a first year student of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Maine GSBSE Ph.D program.  My Master’s thesis focused on diagnosing the early sign of mild cognitive impairment, through piezoresistive sensors that capture sleep signals, to halt or treat the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease before it escalates and becomes severe.  Before joining the GSBSE program, I was developing gradient tracking software models of G-Protein Coupled Receptor in yeast at Dr. Joshua Kelley’s lab at the University of Maine. I am currently working on Multi-view tracking system is designed to track mice using a convolution neural network. The system helps researchers in mentoring a drug response, autism and schizophrenia repetitive behavior, and Alzheimer’s disease in mice.