Congratulations to Andrew Ouellette with receiving an F31 Grant

We are proud to congratulate, GSBSE, Ph.D. Student, Andy Ouellette, with receiving an F31 Grant with his project titled, “Dlgap2 as a Regulator of Alzheimer’s Disease Related Cognitive Declines Via Synaptic Modifications.”

The F31 Grant can support up to five years of predoctoral research training for Ph.D. students. Andy states that the work proposed in the project will help facilitate his training goals to acquire new skills and knowledge including those pertaining to: new behavioral assays, electrophysiology, fluorescent microscopy, dendritic spine imaging, and general wet lab skills. Additionally he added, “this proposed work will greatly assist me in refining my scientific communication skills, project management skills, and further my career development.”   

Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment Andy, the whole GSBSE community is behind you, and we look forward to sharing more updates as the research work continues.