Two GSBSE Biomedical Science PhDs co-authors on GSBSE Faculty Paper

Jesse Rochester and Sarah Holbrook in the Updike Lab at MDI Biological Laboratory and the Burgess Lab at the Jackson Laboratory, respectively, were featured as co-authors in a recent publication titled “Germline Maintenance Through the Multifaceted Activities of GLH/Vasa in Caenorhabditis elegans P Granules” in the latest publication of the journal Genetics.

Sarah Holbrook’s contribution occurred during her rotation in the Updike lab in the summer of 2018. She helped create one of the fluorescently tagged prg-1 C. elegans via plasmids and microinjections, performing fertility counts on strains of C. elegans with mutations in the glh-1 protein that proved to have fertility issues depending on the temperature, and taking pictures of the p-granules in the worms at different ages.

An online version of the paper is available here: