GSBSE Faculty Member Michaela Reagan Publishes Two Papers on Bone Marrow Research

The Reagan lab at Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI) recently published a peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Endocrinology. The article examines how metformin and a high fat diet affect skeletal development. This paper was also highlighted in Nature Reviews:

Additionally, the Reagan lab published a second paper in the peer-reviewed Journal of Blood that studies how understanding the function of bone specific proteins could lead to new treatments for the bone marrow disease, multiple myeloma.


Sheila Bornstein, Michele Moschetta, Yawara Kawano, Antonio Sacco, Daisy Huynh, Daniel Brooks, Salomon Manier, Heather Fairfield, Carolyne Falank, Aldo M Roccaro, Kenichi Nagano, Roland Baron, Mary Bouxein, Calvin Vary, Irene M Ghobrial, Clifford J Rosen Michaela R Reagan (2017) Metformin Affects Cortical Bone Mass and Marrow Adiposity in Diet-Induced Obesity in Male Mice. Endocrinology, en.2017-00299,

McDonald M, Reagan MR, Youlten S, Mohanty S, Seckinger A, Terry RL, Pettitt JA, Simic M, Cheng T, Morse A, Le L, Abi-Hanna D, Kramer I, Falank C, Fairfield H, Ghobrial IM, Hall A, Baldock PA, Little D, Bassett J, Williams G, Kneissel M, Vanderkerken K, Oyajobi B, Hose D, Phan T, Croucher P. Inhibiting the osteocyte-specific protein sclerostin increases bone mass and fracture resistance in multiple myeloma. 2017 Blood.

Michaela Reagan