GSBSE Faculty Member Michaela Reagan Awarded Three Grants to Fund Bone Marrow Research

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Michaela Reagan PhD, a GSBSE faculty member and associate professor at MMCRI, was awarded three grants to study bone marrow, adipose tissue (fat), and the bone marrow cancer, multiple myeloma:

  1. Grant Title: Novel mechanisms of osteocyte control of marrow adiposity. Funding Agency: P20GM121301 NIGMS COBRE. Amount: $273,000/year. Period: 2017-2020. Role: Project Lead.
  2. Grant Title: Targeting Sclerostin in Multiple Myeloma-induced Bone Disease. Funding Agency: NIAMS sponsored Pilot from MGH’s Center for Skeletal Research. Amount: $30,000. Period: July 2017-May 2018. Role: PI.
  3. Grant Title: Tissue Engineered Tumor Modeling of Adipose-Driven Drug Resistance in Myeloma. Funding Agency: Dartmouth/NCC, American Cancer Society Research Grant #IRG-16-191-33, Amount: $30,000. Period: May 2017-April 2018. Role: PI.

Michaela Reagan