[INBRE] Comparative Regenerative Biology course, July 29-August 12, 2017

Comparative Regenerative Biology
July 29-August 12, 2017
Application deadline: May 1, 2017
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This course brings together leading scientists and students to study fundamental questions in regeneration biology and practical applications using extensive hands-on laboratories. Scientific core access comparative bioinformatics  includes Animal Resources, Bioinformatics, Microscopy, and Instrumentation. This course features extensive incorporation of  to identify key common regenerative signatures between species.

includes full registration Course enrollment  to our Learning from Nature: Comparative Biology of Tissue Regeneration and Aging Symposium.

Senior graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty are encouraged to applyIn this dynamic environment, each student will:

  1. examine, characterize and compare regenerative potential across a wide array of species;
  2. gain practical guidance regarding animal care, handling and husbandry;
  3. combine microsurgical methods with state of the art molecular analysis; and
  4. join a growing network of colleagues studying regeneration.

Read the recent publication by Voot Yin, Ph.D. and Benjamin King, Ph.D.:  Prioritizing studies on regeneration in nontraditional model organisms
Tuition:  $3,900.00 USD

Tuition includes all course materials, double-occupancy housing, meals, parking, wi-fi. Single occupancy, if available, may be purchased for an additional fee.  Tuition also includes full-registration to our   Learning from Nature: Comparative Biology of Tissue Regeneration and Aging Symposium

Course Director
Voot P. Yin, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
MDI Biological Laboratory

Course Faculty  
Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado , Ph.D.  
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Karen Echeverri , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota

James Godwin , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
The Jackson Laboratory/MDI Biological Laboratory

Benjamin L. King , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics
University of Maine

Juan Larrain , Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Vice President for Research
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Vicki P. Losick , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
MDI Biological Laboratory

Kenneth D. Poss , Ph.D.
Professor of Cell Biology
Duke University
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Ashley Seifert , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Kentucky

For more information and to register, visit:  https://mdibl.org/course/comparative-regenerative-biology/