Sahar Roozbahani


  • M.S. Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Tehran, IRAN, 2017


I always remember myself sitting in the advanced tissue engineering seminar where I fell in love with biomedical engineering. At the time I was a chemical Engineer and I had no Idea that someday a program like GSBSE will provide me with a lot of different opportunities to work in the area that I really enjoy. Lab rotations helped me find my real interest and learn a lot of different skills. Also, being in different research groups reinforced my ability to adjust to the new research environments more quickly. After a year in GSBSE, I know myself better and feel great about every second that I spend in the lab. I owe this to the wonderful GSBSE faculty and students.

Research Interests

  • Tissue engineering
  • Drug Delivery
  • Biomaterials

Catlin Howell Lab Rotation in Howell’s lab, I was involved in microvascular implant project which it’s goal was to obtain lesion area with sufficient amount of drug (leaking out from the implant) in a period of time. In this regard, I was trained to work with 3D printer to make PDMS implants. Furthermore, I earned software skills such as SOLIDWORKS in order to design implant structure.

Mohsen Shahinpoor Lab Rotation During this rotation; I was working on polymers used in artificial muscles structure (IPMC). I was trained to work with AFM in order to evaluate IPMC structure.

Mason’s Lab Rotation I am currently having my third rotation in Mason’s lab. I am involved in Hydroxy Apatite (HA) project which is trying to obtain a high-quality HA in order to use in artificial bone structure. I already learned how to synthesis and characterize HA with FTIR.

Selected Publications

  • “Folate functionalized silicon nanowires with highly enhanced adhesion to cancer cells with highly enhanced adhesion to cancer cells” The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Volume 96, Issue
  • Sahar Roozbahani, Huseini Patanwala, Dr. Caitlin Howell “Self-Replenishing Implantable Drug Delivery Systems” University of Maine Symposium.

Dissertation Mentor

Michael Mason