Magdalena Blaszkiewicz


  • B.A. Biology, Boston University, Boston MA
  • MLA (A.B.T.) Biotechnology, Harvard University Extension School, Cambridge, MA

Research Interest

As a member of the Townsend Lab my research broadly centers on the neuroscience of energy balance. My dissertation focuses on brain-adipose communication and how it relates to maintaining metabolic homeostasis, as such I study the interactions of the adipose organ with peripheral nerves, their products, and growth factors.

Selected Services

  • Executive Committee, President, Graduate Student Government, 2017-2018
  • Executive Committee, Grants Officer, Graduate Student Government, 2016-2017
  • Committee Member, Search Committee, VPR and Dean of Graduate Students, 2016-2017
  • Graduate Student Representative, University Research Council, 2016-2017

Selected Publications

  • Waldron A, Schroder P, Pellegrini A, Bolduc J, Miller JL, Bourgon K, Dubois AL, Blaszkiewicz M, Townsend, KL, Rieger S. Reactive oxygen species-dependent MMP-13 activity underlies glucose-induced neurotoxicity (2017) Accepted with minor revisions; Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications.
  • Townsend KL, Madden C, Blaszkiewicz M, McDougall LM, Tupone D, Lynes DM, Yu P, Morrison S,Tseng YH. Re-Establishment of energy balance in a male mouse model with POMC neuron deletion of BMPR1A. Endocrinology, 2017, Accepted and In Press.
  • Townsend KL, Blaszkiewicz M, Miller, JL. Cell Biology Laboratory Manual. 2017 Edition. University of Maine.
  • Blaszkiewicz M and Townsend, KL. Adipose Tissue and Energy Expenditure: Central and Peripheral Neural Activation Pathways. Curr Obes Rep. 5(2):241-50, 2016.

Dissertation Mentor