Christine Hale


  • B.S. Preprofessional Biology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2017


I discovered my passion for research within the field of biomedical science while attending classes at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I was fortunate while I was at UTC to have had the opportunity to carry out independent research within the genetics laboratory of Dr. Margaret Kovach. This helped me to receive departmental honors in biology while also earning my B.S.. During my time there, I worked primarily on a study investigating the effects of e-cigarette exposure on cell viability and gene expression by treating human lung cells in culture with common tobacco alkaloids found within the e-cigarette filling solutions.

Research Interests

As a first-year student within the GSBSE program, I have had the opportunity thus far to carry out three different laboratory research rotations, each following investigation into different, exciting topics within the field of biomedical science. I look forward to the next coming academic year in identifying a dissertation project and mentor and being able to begin my thesis research.

Ling Cao Lab Rotation During my rotation in Dr. Cao’s lab, I was able to aid their research team in the investigation of the therapeutic use of IFN-beta for HIV-associated neurological disorders by helping to carry out and optimize a cell culturing protocol for mixed glial cells and mixed neuron-glial cells.

Geoffrey Ganter Lab Rotation During my rotation in Dr. Ganter’s lab, I was able to collaborate in the development and execution of a protocol aimed toward the investigation of the electrophysiological consequences of UV and thermal injury on Drosophila nociceptors, in an effort to possibly uncover novel mechanisms of sensitization.

Joshua Kelley Lab Rotation Currently, I have just started my third laboratory research rotation in Dr. Kelley’s biochemistry/cell biology lab, where I hope to help him and his team with their research focus on G-protein Coupled Receptor signaling pathways and gradient tracking.