Direct Admits


  1. Notify the GSBSE office and your local admin office that the student that you wish to direct admit will be submitting an application
  2. Student submits an application to the UMaine Graduate School at
  3. GSBSE Admissions committee will review the applicant and decide on admission of the student as a direct admit
  4. If admitted, I will send an offer letter (reviewed and approved by the mentor directly admitting the student) to the student
  5. If student accepts the offer, I notify the graduate school who matriculates the student


Stipend = Minimum of $23k per year

Tuition = Average of 13 credits per year (at $418 per credit) = $5,434

Fees = Average of $1,400 per year

Health Insurance = 50% of annual premium of $2,600 = $1,300


Estimated Annual Cost = $31,134.

Note: The tuition and fees decrease significantly after the student completes their comprehensive exam, usually at the end of their second year, and they only need to take 1 credit per semester vs 6 in the fall and spring.

Directly admitted GSBSE students are treated exactly the same as students that has transitioned onto their mentors funding. They have the same requirements and support. These students must abide by the rules and regulations in the GSBSE Student and Faculty Handbook and are covered by the affiliation agreement with your institution.


Can a direct admit start in the Spring or Summer semester? Yes, though they are still required to take the required classes that are offered in the semester(s) they may have missed their first year.

Can I pay a higher stipend or 100% of the student’s health insurance? Yes, the amounts listed above are the minimum.

What are the application materials required? These are listed on the graduate school application page …
Are there minimum scores and/or GPA requirements? The only minimum score is the TOEFL score for international students must be at or above 80. There are no minimum GPA or GRE requirements.