A new GSBSE admission track with first year rotations at the MaineHealth Institute of Research


GSBSE @ MHIR is new admissions track into the UMaine GSBSE’s PhD in Biomedical Science for students who are committed to performing thesis research at MaineHealth Institute for Research (MHIR), formerly known as Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI). This track preserves GSBSE’s hallmark first year laboratory rotation opportunities, with all rotations performed with MHIR faculty members. A training advisory committee at MHIR is responsible for acceptance of students into this track after GSBSE approval, and will also approve the student/mentor dissertation research match.

MHIR is a part of MaineHealth, which focuses on patient care, research, and education. Our research portfolio spans basic, translational, clinical, and health services research, and our focus on education applies to scientists-in-training (postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students), professionals (physicians), and medical trainees (medical students, residents, fellows).

MHIR supports and encourages a broad spectrum of research at MaineHealth ranging from basic laboratory-based research through translational research, which works to apply basic discoveries to medical problems, to clinical research, which studies the direct application of new drugs, devices and treatment protocols to patients, to health services research which seeks to use research methods to help improve and evaluate health care delivery programs and new technologies.

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